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Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Hour 03/16: Eatin' My Corn from a Jar

A big, sweaty thanks to the "Corn from a Jar" podcast, which mentioned the very blog you're reading (with requisite chuckles over the title) and my Final Four pick of Tennessee on this week's show.

I became a fan of the "Corn from a Jar" blog during football season, so I could find some Tennessee stuff to talk about when I met Dr. Lil' Sis' boyfriend over the holidays. Shortly after the New Year, however, he answered the call from SportsBlog Nation and moved his operation over to Rocky Top Talk. And now that I'm doing the Bless You Boys thing, we're like SB Nation brohams! How about that?

Thomas Friedman was right. The world is flat.

Anyway, a fellow Tony Kornheiser fan can't be that bad of a fella, right? (Even though that show stinks.) So if you're interested, they poke a little fun at me and SME, and of course, my pick of Tennessee (which I think looks pretty damn good after that stomping of Long Beach St. earlier today). Keep me lookin' good, Bruce Pearl!

You can download the podcast here. If you're pressed for time, scroll ahead to the 28:30 mark of the show. And while you're at it, stop by and say hi to the guys at Rocky Top Talk. Thanks again to "Corn from a Jar."

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