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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Case of "The Block"?

You know, the writing thing just wasn't coming to me today. Sure, the Pistons' 111-93 loss to Golden State last night raised my eyebrows. But, um... I sort of didn't watch it ("Yatta!"), so I couldn't work up much indignation. The sure-to-be brutal month of March isn't off to a good start for Detroit basketball, though.

You've had one of those days, right? Sometimes you just can't manage to do what it is you like to do. If you're a blogger, you're surely familiar with sitting at the computer, wanting to post something but nothing's getting the fingertips pumping. Even if you want to take another swing at Tommy Amaker for saying his job status isn't an issue when it's the only issue surrounding Michigan basketball right now.

On such occasions, it's probably best to just step away and let those writing cells recharge. But then I thought about my good buddy, The Daily Fungo's Mike McClary, and how he's starting up a new blog dedicated to the ballclub with the flashy new threads, your Arizona Diamondbacks.

Wait until Mike finds out the fun stuff that comes with running multiple blogs, like darker bags under your eyes, sore finger joints, chronic coffee mouth, frequent flat-butt, lingering lower back pain, and a DVR that reminds you every single night with its bloated hard drive that you're not watching TV anymore. But that might just be me.

Oh, and I'm hoping Mike devotes plenty of letters to the tangled bale of hair belonging to Mr. Eric Byrnes (who's loved in the Casselberry household for carrying one of my fantasy baseball teams to a league title last season).

By the end of the workday, I'd decided there would be no posts today. I could just copy some information from someone else and pass it off as my own stuff, like Ron Borges did, but that would just look old and musty. How many newspapers even do those "Sunday notes" columns anymore?

No, I was going to sit back with Baseball Prospectus 2007, attempt to expand my understanding of the game, and think about spending summer evenings at the CoPa (even though I never use that term).

But what if the ballpark's name changes, now that Comerica is moving its corporate headquarters from Detroit to Dallas? Will the Detroit Tigers' home have a new name/corporate sponsor? I'm guessing not, since they'll still have 7,000 employees in Michigan and approximately 23 years to go on their naming rights agreement.

I don't think anyone's a fan of corporate names on stadiums, but in Detroit, at least there was a local flavor to the ballpark's sponsor, which made it somewhat digestible. And now the name seems to reflect yet another body blow to the Michigan economy. If I wasn't fighting "The Block," I might actually write about that. But that wouldn't fill a whole post, would it? Neither would the other stuff.

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  • At March 07, 2007 2:05 AM, Blogger Giacomo said…

    Does anyone else think Allenna Williams Ward (pictured here) , the high school teacher who had sex with 5 of her 14-15 year old students, is hot?

  • At March 07, 2007 8:37 AM, Anonymous farlane said…

    From one of your links:
    “Great test,” Chauncey Billups beamed when I dared to broach the subject of March with him on the last day of February. “I’m excited about March.”


    “Playing so many road games, I really am looking forward to that.”

    I think it will be tough, but good for the team.

    I also vote that we rename "Comerica Park" to "Ed Merica Park" (after the legendary St. Marys Eagles basketball coach).

  • At March 07, 2007 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just what the hell is going on here in Michigan. Kmart, Phizer, Comerica.

    Is anyone in charge (Governor?) figuring out why these companies are leaving?

    Pretty soon there will be nowhere left to work. I'll either have to move away or try to find some data entry jobs that I can do from home. Someone said that the Detroit News was running an ad for an Internet employment site located at http://www.data-entry-jobs.net. Maybe they'll have something if all the jobs aren't already taken.

    This state sucks.

  • At March 07, 2007 7:42 PM, Blogger Big Al said…

    You aren't alone Ian. I was bone dry yesterday, and it took me all damn day today before I felt an inkling of a post.

    I kind of miss those Sunday "Notes from around the league" columns, back when we had 2 (!) Sunday papers worth buying. But when I started to explore the internet, I gradually learned what copy and paste experts the "Experts" actually are.


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