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Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Hour 03/02: Call Him Trader Matt

Apparently, Matt Millen made some kind of New Year's Resolution that he intended to follow through on come March 1.

It's not the headline grabber that yesterday's Dre' Bly deal was, but the Lions made another locker room freshening deal today, sending defensive end James Hall to St. Louis for a fifth-round draft pick. Millen managed to get something for nothing at the last minute, considering Hall would've been cut had the Lions not been able to make a trade.

So if you're keeping track, that's two defensive captains the Detroit Lions have shipped out of town in two days. Hall gained a reputation as a hard worker, making the team as a free agent out of Michigan in 2000 (and notching an impressive 11.5 sacks in 2004). But between the constant losing and having to endure yet another rebuilding project, it's difficult to blame the guy for developing a sour attitude that probably wasn't going to change.

The theme of this off-season has become clear: you're either with Sgt. Marinelli or against him. So the Lions decided to make a move before they had to pay Hall a roster bonus. And the housecleaning caravan out of Allen Park is getting a bit crowded. Two of Hall's fellow defensive lineman - Marcus Bell and Tyoka Jackson - and tight end Marcus Pollard were also told their services were no longer needed. Offensive lineman Ross Verba was cut earlier in the week.

Here's something else that might be worth counting: Right now, the Lions have four fifth-round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. Trader Matt could very likely not be done dealing yet.

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