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Thursday, February 15, 2007

When NBA players check out for vacation early

There's a scene in the movie State and Main where Alec Baldwin's character smashes a car while out on a bender with an underage girl. What does he say when he gets out of the totaled vehicle? "So, that happened."

That's pretty much how I felt after Detroit's 90-81 loss to San Antonio. (I'm referring to the quote, by the way - not the drunk driving with teenagers. Just thought I'd clarify.) Okay, that happened. Let's move on to the All-Star break and try to forget this game ever took place.

Never mind that the Pistons apparently decided to take their mid-season break one game early. At the very least, their collective shooting touch decided it was time for a vacation. Weren't the Spurs at the end of a long, eight-game road trip? Didn't they play the night before in New Jersey? Yet Detroit was the team that looked sluggish on the court.

Personally, I completely understand. On the Friday before I'm about to head out for vacation, I've already checked out. Complete mental zombie at work. You know what I'm sayin'? So I'm inclined to cut these guys a break. Except this was kind of a big game against a potential NBA Finals opponent. Some people call games like these "measuring sticks." In this case, the Pistons were beaten with that stick.

Or maybe the universe just decided that the Pistons couldn't continue their winning streak while the Celtics mercifully ended their losing streak. There must be balance to maintain order, my babies. So I hear, anyway.

Is there any other explanation for how Francisco Elson could look like a frickin' All-Star (18 rebounds?!) against what's recently become a celebrated Detroit frontcourt? I know I don't follow the NBA nearly as closely as I did in high school, when I devoured league registers and handbooks, and could watch any game broadcast on TNT. But I thought I'd watched the Spurs a couple of times this season, and I've never even heard of this Elson guy before. (It's entirely possible that I just missed one of his games, however, as Elson's played in 41 of San Antonio's 52 games. Thanks for letting me off the hook, NBA.com!) Geez, no wonder they let Nazr Mohammed go.

Blow off some steam in Vegas, fellas. And come back with some fire next Tuesday. We're all counting on you.

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