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Thursday, February 15, 2007

This cold weather makes me grumpy, Chris Webber!

I know I've picked on Chris Webber here before, and it doesn't really seem fair, considering how well he's played since joining the Pistons. His skills really have opened up the offense, and when it's clicking, it's very fun to watch. According to the stats, he had a decent game against the Spurs, and was one of the only guys who shot well. And considering he was playing against Tim Duncan, that's really not bad at all.

But it just astounds me that after 13 years of professional basketball, Webber still hasn't developed a consistent post move. I'm not talking about that jump hook that sometimes goes in. I'm talking about a drop step, a spin, an up-and-under move, a baseline fade-away jumper - stuff like that. That little shoulder dip fake he kept trying on Duncan - who was sticking him far outside the lane - wasn't working. The only thing Webber faked out with that move was his own lower body.

Webber's the same age as me, so I know he had an opportunity to watch Kevin McHale and Hakeem Olajuwon apply their magic footwork in the post. He can't say those guys were before his time. Of course, if I could've dunked the ball like Webber used to, maybe I wouldn't have tried to copy any of those moves, either. But hey, if they worked for a short, fat guy like me on the court, imagine what they could do for an actual NBA player.

Of course, Webber brings something else to the game with his passing, and his ability to hit the guards cutting to the basket is a skill that many other post players didn't bring to the court. At this stage of his career, he is what he is. So I guess you take what you can get, and utilize what a player does best. Okay, I give in.

See, if it wasn't so cold here in Michigan, I'd just go outside and shake my fist at passing cars or the neighborhood kids walking and skateboarding by. (Well, maybe not at this time of day.) Instead, I have to stay inside and post curmudgeonly rants on my blog.

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