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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No, Mr. Bonds - I expect you to fry

I have to plan my Wednesdays better. After being kept from my computer for most of the day, the Barry Bonds stuff I had in the ol' draft box is looking pretty stale. I am fashionably late to the party.

But as Kevin "Dude, I am HUGE in Texas" Antcliff pointed out, there are miiiilllllllllllions of places to find thoughts, comments, analyses, and rants on Mr. Surly McMusclePants and his Magic Mexican Beans today.

I will say this, however: El Gigante is going to need a much bigger wig to make this mess go away.

It also may now be clear (no steroids pun intended) just how that makeshift tube top was able to stay up on the Winstrol Wonder's chest.

If there's a bright side to all of this, it's that ESPN's decision to produce a reality TV show around Deca-Durabolin Man and his Hormone Juice now looks really, really stupid.


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