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Friday, March 03, 2006

It's the weekend! Take some links with you

▪▪ I hesitate to make light of a man going to the hospital, but should we be at all surprised that Larry Brown sought medical care for chest pains Tuesday night? The amazing thing is that L.B. didn't go all Fred Sanford as soon as Zeke traded for Steve Francis. (By the way, the man who left the Pistons for the Knicks says he's fine.)

▪▪ So with all the potential free agents that will probably be available in the NFL on Monday, the Lions signed Shaun King today? Shaun King? I didn't even know the guy was still in the league. On the other hand... I bet he still throws better than Jeff Garcia. Joey Harrington can relax this weekend. (Maybe he'll watch the Oscars.)

▪▪ According to Richard Justice's blog, which Houston Astro is drinking Yoo-Hoo to replenish himself in Spring Training?

▪▪ Kudos to Greg Eno for his post on the 1991 Detroit Tigers (and not just because he mentioned me). That was hardly a championship team, but they were so fun to watch. Anybody in the order could jack it out of the park.

(And thanks for reminding me about Tony Phillips. I love Tony Phillips. I still remember what Sparky Anderson said when somebody asked about signing him: "Well, he can catch the ball." Phillips may have been my favorite Tiger. It was fun to watch him push himself into becoming a good major league hitter.)

▪▪ Don't get too close to the monitor; it's bad for your eyes. But check out this picture at Deadspin, and tell me what you see. Or don't see.

▪▪ Have you nominated your favorite sports blog for Kevin Antcliff's upcoming poll? (And no, I am not shamelessly soliciting votes. I have shame. I didn't even vote for myself.)

▪▪ And did you take the M Zone Collegiate Wonderlic test? Hey, I did pretty well!

▪▪ I found this blog while doing some research on the Tigers last night. It's a Pirates blog, but its title - Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke? - made me feel like someone out there might actually envy the Detroit Tigers.

(That reminds me - I have to take a road trip to PNC Park this summer. Maybe in July.)

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  • At March 04, 2006 3:19 PM, Blogger Pat said…


    Thanks for the link. I was a big Van Slyke fan during the early 90s when he was in his prime and the Pirates were actually good. Since his injury in '93 the team's never really been quite the same, thus I use him as a metaphor for better days.

    Though yeah, I do wish he was our first base coach and not in Detroit. He's really a good guy with a great sense of humor.

  • At March 04, 2006 5:44 PM, Blogger Sam said…

    Craig Biggio drinks Yoo Hoo? What is with Yoo Hoo in the majors these days? Brian McCann apparently drinks the stuff like water (and leaves his empty bottles all over the house, leaving Francoeur to neurotically clean them up).


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