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Friday, April 13, 2007

Big Al's On the Clock!

As I'm flush with eager anticipation for Big Al's pick for the Detroit Lions in Awful Announcing's 2007 Sports Blogger NFL Mock Draft, I stumbled upon this video at Blogging the Boys that I wish I'd have sent to him before making his selection last night.

The clip is a bit on the long side, and I don't quite know that I agree with the comparison that its author is making, but it's most certainly food for thought as the Lions are presented with the opportunity to select a potential all-world talent.

I don't know who Big Al drafted in his proxy Matt Millen role - we won't know until Monday - and I actually don't envy the dilemma he must have faced (though I certainly envy being put in such a position). But I do wonder if the following sounds and images were floating across his thought patterns as he contemplated his decision.

It's a belated wish now, Big Al, but good luck - we're all counting on you.

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