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Monday, March 26, 2007

If He Can Make 'SNL' Funny, He Must Be Pretty Damn Good

I completely forgot Peyton Manning was hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Of course, that show's been off my radar for quite some time. (And when it had one chance to win me back, when Rainn Wilson hosted a few weeks ago, SNL blew it.) Anyway, I heard it was pretty good, and thanks to YouTube, I've been able to catch up on some of it.

I know some people are sick of all the commercials Manning does, but he is pretty damn funny in them. Was that due to some clever scripts? Maybe. So I was curious if he could bring some laughs to SNL. Check out this clip and see what you think. This is pretty much how I imagined Manning talking to the rest of his Colts teammates on the field before I kind of started rooting for the guy. (via Deadspin)

Oh, and it's a bit longer, but this "NCAA Tournament Pool Party" skit is pretty good, too. And not just because Manning bears an uncanny resemblance to ESPN.com's Pat Forde with the wig and suit.

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